the observatory

Nova Consulting's Observatory was built to deliver unique content and analyses on major changes of sectors like the entertainment industry - culture, sport, tourism and brands - to understand how this would impact the market and our society. 

The Observatory is fed by studies conducted by a network of more than a 100 experts throughout Europe. They bring their expertise to serve a common cause: professionnalize the sectors in which we operate.

This work enables The Observatory to build groundbreaking databases which are now reference marks for these sectors: key sector figures, new consumer trends and modeling tools as well as ad hoc measures. By doing so, The Observatory publishes numerous sector studies which are exclusive to each of Nova's areas of expertise.

Each year, a whole range of studies covering all fields of Nova Consulting's area of competence is published under the name of Novascopie.

The Observatory synthesizes key figures of these 4 sectors and identifies the forseeable trends of the coming year in this study (see extracts below).

For further information on studies from The Observatory, please contact us at: